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Signal Processing & Distribution

Ferrofish A32

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Ferrofish A32

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New: 32 in/32 out AD/DA MADI & ADAT Converter Ferrofish A32

Every analogue input and output has analogue switches for selecting between +4dBu, +13dBu and +20dBu, and every channel you can set seperately. The levels which lie in between are set by an Analog Devices Sharc DSP. So, whether you connect professional or consumer equipment, you will always have the best analog performance.

giving control back to you
As you see, four(!) TFT screens in the A32! Why? Because we want you to have control over what happens. No need to install a program on the PC to have the ability to see the levels and adjust everything. Just take a look on the A32, and you see what's happening, all 64 analog channels clearly visible on high resolution level meters. But thats not all, press the MENU key, and enjoy the extensive user interface. By the way, no need to study the manual, the A32 explains on the help screens what happens, so you never get lost...and the A32 speaks five languages!

The clock and digital PLL system
For the master clock we use a temperature compensated high quality oscillator. But also when you use MADI or ADAT as clock source, the digital PLL produces a virtually jitterless sampleclock for the converters. Just listen to the A32, you will hear the difference!

stability first
We know you need a reliable system. Thats why we have two power inputs. If one power supply fails, you see a warning on the TFT screens, and you can search for the failure while the A32 still works with the other supply. MADI is also laid out redundant: If you connect both, optical and coax, the input automatically switches to the other source, if sync is lost. So next time your cat bites the optical cable, the A32 still uses the coax connection as backup.

If you ever wondered what happens on a analogue or digital channel you will find the headphone connector very useful. With one touch of the encoder you see the headphone screen. There you can set the volume, and select the source for the headphone output. You can also store up to seven mixes, and just select one to hear it on the headphones.

Analogue Devices Sharc DSP
 One of the most exciting new features is the fourth generation Sharc DSP we put inside. This DSP is connected to all 258 analog and digital channels, and is able to freely route and mix all these signals. Besides of that, it can do audio processing, so we can expand the features of the A32 easily.

· 32 balanced inputs, 32kHz -192kHz
· 32 balanced outputs, 32kHz -192kHz
· Temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO) with very low jitter and high stability
· MADI optical and coaxial
· MIDI over MADI
· 4x ADAT TOSLINK inputs
· 4x ADAT TOSLINK outputs
· SMUX up to 192kHz
· BNC Wordclock
· MIDI in/out plugs and MIDI over MADI
· Headphone/submix output for easy control
· 4x TFT Screens allow complete control of all levels and settings
· One Key Control - Allows easy and total control of all functions
· All 64 analog channels are visible at the same time, peak and level display
· No need to study the manual, multi-language help pages available
· Preset Management
· 400MHz SHARC DSP processes all 258 audio channels
· Extensive routing/mixing possibilities for countless applications

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