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Dolby DP571

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Dolby DP571

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The Dolby DP571 encodes multichannel audio into the Dolby E format for contribution and distribution through the conventional two-channel infrastructures of DTV and HDTV facilities.

The DP571 Dolby® E Encoder eases the transition from two-channel to multichannel audio for DTV broadcasters and program producers. It enables the distribution of up to eight channels of high-quality audio plus Dolby Digital metadata via a single AES3 pair on two audio tracks of a digital videotape, digital audiotape, video server, or two-channel distribution systems.

The DP571 performs Dolby E audio coding, developed specifically for the production, contribution, and distribution of multichannel audio. This is distinct from audio encoded with Dolby Digital, which is used for final transmission of multichannel programs directly to the home viewer.

Dolby E Advantages

With Dolby E, coded audio frames match (that is, are aligned with) video frames, ensuring that audio-follow-video edits are free of mutes, glitches, or other aberrations. This makes it possible to switch, route, and perform edits directly on the coded bitstream without decoding and reencoding. The Dolby E algorithm has been specifically designed to withstand the multiple encode/ decode generations typically required during the production, contribution, and distribution phases of DTV. Dolby E audio also carries Dolby Digital metadata for final delivery to the home viewer’s Dolby Digital decoder. The DP571 can generate this metadata locally, or it can accept external metadata (as from a DP570 Multichannel Audio Tool) via a rear-panel port.

The DP571 encodes up to eight audio channels plus metadata into a single two-channel AES bitstream (20 bits at 48 kHz). An alternate mode of operation allows for encoding of six audio channels plus metadata (16 bits at 48 kHz).

Dolby E Configurations

The audio channels within a Dolby E stream can be grouped together to carry separate audio programs. For example, with multichannel programming, a “5.1 + 2” configuration is typically used, with six of the eight channels carrying a 5.1 channel program and the other two an Lt/Rt (matrix surround-encoded) or stereo program. Alternate configurations include a 5.1 program plus two mono tracks (5.1 + 1 + 1), four stereo programs (4 × 2), and eight mono channels (8 × 1). Front-panel LEDs confirm the configuration chosen.

The DP571 accepts SMPTE timecode, standard video black reference signals, and tri-level sync (via the Dolby DP579 Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface).

For decoding material in the Dolby E format, the DP572 Dolby E Decoder is the ideal companion unit.

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