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Digico SD11

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Digico SD11

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DiGiCo SD11: “Big things come in small packages.....”

The SD11 is the smallest by far of all the DiGiCo consoles, though don't let that deceive you: this 19-inch rack mount or table top mixer is a very powerful solution that can be incorporated into pretty much any mixing environment; like its bigger brothers, the SD11 is also powered by Stealth Digital Processing and floating point Super FPGA technology, and transporting it couldn't be easier – just pop it on the back seat of the car. This easy-to-use mixer delivers extremely high performance at a staggeringly competitive price point.   

Scratching the surface

The SD11 is manufactured with a steel chassis and a polycarbonate-overlaid aluminium worksurface which makes it super-lightweight. Its user interface comes courtesy of DiGiCo's trademark 15-inch, high resolution TFT LCD touch screen with backlit display; and its 12 touch sensitive moving faders guarantee a simple and intuitive workflow.

What's under the hood?

The SD11 boasts 32 processing channels (eight of which are Flexi channels, configurable as either mono or stereo) at 48kHz, which is the equivalent of 40 channels of full DSP processing.

Standard channel processing, whether inputs or outputs, includes Channel Delay, Single and Multi Channel Presets, Dual insert points, Hi- and Lo-pass filters @ 24dB/octave, four-band parametric EQ with band curve selection, Dual insert points, DiGiCo's DYN 1 (Compressor, De-esser or assignable Multi Channel Compressor) and DYN 2 (Gate, Compressor or Ducker).

The console also benefits from four Dynamic EQ processors, all of which can be assigned to any of the input or output channels. These powerful processors offer dynamic processing on each of the four standard parametric bands, plus there are also four assignable Multiband Compressors; and no matter how the console is set up, the user won't lose any resources, as all channels are equipped to provide the same high quality signal path and feature set.

The master section incorporates 12 gangable 32-band graphic EQs, four stereo effects (selectable from a palette of 33), and eight control groups (VCAs); and using snapshots, engineers can now switch between complete configurations in any live environment easier than ever before, be it at rehearsals, during system setup, or even at a show.

In addition, we've included 12 Flexi busses (mono or stereo), all of which are assignable as mono/stereo groups or auxiliary busses; and in addition to these busses, for further configurability, we've provided an 8 x 8 output matrix, dual solo busses, and a Master buss. Essentially, users have the equivalent of 39 busses of DSP at their disposal.

Unlike all other digital console manufacturers, you don't lose Aux or Group Busses when using the Matrix as they are in addition, including the Master buss.

For a little console, the SD11's I/O section is monumental: Local I/O includes 16 mic/line inputs, eight line outs, two mono AES/EBU, one MADI port, and one dedicated D-Rack port.

The D-Rack is an optional 32-input, eight-output remote I/O rack which can be increased to accommodate 16 outputs if desired.

There is also a factory fit Optocore option which allows for connectivity to all DiGiCo racks and consoles in a redundant loop.

In addition, there is an optional DiGiCo SoundGrid module which, when linked to an external PC server such as SoundGrid or DiGiGrid, provides the user with instant access to 16 fully integrated low-latency Waves stereo Multi Racks, each with the ability to have up to eight plugins per rack.  That's 64 I/O - and as you'd expect from DiGiCo, this is all additional I/O.

All Waves compatible plugins are pre-loaded, and as this is integral within the console, you have the added advantage of touch screen control; and all shapshots and session files are saved within the console. 


  • Faders 12 x 100mm touch-sensitive, motorised
  • Screens 1 x 15â€� (38cm) LCD high - resolution touch screen
  • Meters 12 x 8-segment LED bargraph
  • Input Channels 32 Channels (ALL of which can be flexi channels)
  • Busses 12 Mono or Stereo busses + LR/LCR/LCRS/5.1 Master buss
  • Solo busses 2 stereo busses
  • Matrix 8 x 8 matrix (additional to busses above)
  • Control Groups 8, selectable for VCA-style, Moving fader, Mute Group
  • Graphic Eq 12 x 32-band, Gain +/- 12dB
  • Internal FX 6 Stereo FX processors
  • Local I/O 16 x mic/line on, 8 Line out, 2 x AES/EBU I/O
  • MADI interface 1 x 75 ohm BNC connectivity
  • D-Rack interface 1 x RJ45 shielded connectivity
  • MIDI interface In / Out / Through
  • VGA port DB-15 mini-female (1024 x 768 resolution)
  • USB ports (3) USB2
  • Light connection (1) XLR3 1.2 – 12V
  • Ext Sync Word clock, MADI
  • Headphone TRS unbalanced / 8-600 ohms 1/4 inch Jack
  • GPI 2 x 1/4 inch Jack
  • GPO 2 x 1/4 inch Jack


  • Weights and Dims SD11: 24KGS. 483W 577D 232H
  • Weights and Dims D-RACK: 7.4KGS. 412W 312D 179H

Audio Specifications

  • Sample rate 48kHz
  • Processing delay 2ms Typical (40 stereo channels, stageinput through L-R buss to stage output)
  • Internal processing Up to 40-bit, floating point
  • A>D & D>A 24-bit Converter Bit Depth
  • Frequency response +/- 0.6dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
  • THD <0.05% @ unity gain, 10dB input @ 1kHz
  • Channel Separation Better than 90dB (40Hz – 15kHz)
  • Residual output noise <90dBu Typical (20Hz - 20kHz)
  • Microphone Input Better than -126dB Equivalent Noise
  • Maximum Output +22dBu
  • Maximum Input +26dBu

Processing Channel Specifications Input Channel

  • Name User-defined / Presets
  • Channel Selection Mono / Stereo
  • Input Routing Main & Alternate Input
  • Analogue Gain -20 to +60dB
  • Phase Normal / Reverse
  • Digital Trim -40 to +40dB
  • Delay <1.3 sec (coarse & fine control)
  • LPF 20 – 20kHz, 24dB / Oct
  • HPF 20 – 20kHz, 24dB / Oct
  • Insert A (pre eq/dyn) On/Off
  • Insert B (post eq/dyn) On/Off
  • Equalisation 4 band EQ: Parametric or Dynamic Dynamic EQ on up to 4
    Flexi channels (Low/Lowshelf, lower-mid/lowshelf, upper-mid/hishelf, hi/hishelf) on/off
    Freq; 20 – 20kHz
    Gain; +/- 18dB
    Q: 0.1 -20 (parametric) / 0.10-0.85 (shelf) Dynamic Eq on/off Over/under Band on/off Threshold; -60 – 0dB Attack; 500us – 100ms Release; 10ms – 10s Ratio; 1:1 – 50:1
  • Compressor Single or Multiband (3 band) Multiband and Compression on up to 4 flexi channels on/off
    Threshold; -60 – 0dB
    Attack; 500us – 100ms
    Release; 10ms – 10s
    Ratio; 1:1 – 50: 1
    Gain; 0 to +40dB with Autogain option
    Link; any channel / buss
    Hi crossover; 20Hz – 20kHz
    Lo crossover; 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Gate on/off
    Threshold; -60 – 0dB
    Attack; 50us – 100ms
    Hold; 2ms – 2s
    Release; 5ms – 5s
    Range; 0 - 90dB
    Key; Any source
    Key listen
    Freq/width; 20 – 20kHz
  • EQ/Dyn order EQ/Dyn or Dyn/EQ
  • Mute Channel mute / hard mute
  • Solo Solo Buss 1 / Solo Buss 2 / Both, Auto solo
  • Channel Safe Input, eq, dyn, aux, pan, fade/mute, inserts, buss, directs, full safe
  • Output Routing Buss, Insert A, Insert B, FX
  • Direct: on/off, pre-mute / pre-fade / post-fade, level +/- 18dB
  • Fader 100mm motorised fader -âˆ� to +10dB

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Hire/Week ex VAT: £360.00


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